Welcome to Mambo Open Source installation

Pre-installation check for 4.5 Stable-1.0.9 [Spider] 28/06/2004 16:51 GMT
If any of the items below are highlighted in red then please take actions to correct them. Failure to do so could lead to your Mambo Open Source installation not functioning correctly.
PHP version >= 4.1.0 Yes
  - zlib compression support Available
  - XML support Available
  - MySQL support Available
configuration.php Unwriteable
You can still continue the install as the configuration will be displayed at the end, just copy & paste this and upload.
Session save path 3;600;/home/web-sessions, Unwriteable
Directory and File Permissions:
In order for Mambo Open Source to function correctly it needs to be able to access or write to certain files or directories. If you see "Unwriteable" you need to change the permissions on the file or directory to allow Mambo Open Source to write to it.
administrator/backups/ Unwriteable
administrator/components/ Unwriteable
components/ Unwriteable
images/ Unwriteable
media/ Unwriteable
language/ Unwriteable
modules/ Unwriteable
templates/ Unwriteable
uploadfiles/ Unwriteable
Recommended PHP settings (found in php.ini):
Safe Mode: OFF
Display Errors: ON
File Uploads: ON
Magic Quotes: ON
Register Globals: OFF
Output Buffering: OFF
Session auto start: 0